Girl Watching Waves

Welcome To Original Surf Art

You don’t need to be a surf chick /surfer dude to appreciate that magical feeling of the beach. It’s one of the best feelings in the world, it pulls you back to nature and all the beauty that surrounds it. Day to day life disappears; your mind embraces the vibrant ever-changing colours smouldered by the sun.

You can actually hear your breath as you begin to inhale; eyes gently close for a brief moment and you begin to remember memories of running free when you were a child, wishing the summer would never end...It’s about taking time just to enjoy some of the beautiful things in life at the waters edge.

About the design: Girl Watching Waves:

This artwork illustration is of a female looking out onto the sea as the wind blows through her long beautiful golden wavy hair, she is watching the waves from the shoreline and there is only one thing on her mind this summer... SURF!!

Who created this?

Artist -Surfer-Life Survivalist: BECAUSE

What products can be purchased with this surf design?

Most Wall Art products such as, Wrapped Canvases, Wall Decals, and Posters.

Our surf design are also on T-Shirts, IPhone & Android mobile phone cases etc. These are currently being showcased within our Zazzle STORE

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